INORI BLOG (2021.08.25)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

This is the costume for 3rd Single’s group artist photo!

The vibe is very different from what we had up until now!


Personally, I like this costume very much and think that it’s cool, since I do like clothes with

collars that wrap tightly around the neck in general.


Hopefully I’ll get another chance to wear it.





For the 3rd Single, I am placed at the 3rd row for the song centered by Morita.

I’ll give my very best so that the 3rd Single become a wonderful one.

I won’t hold back no matter where is my position.

I’m committed to that.




It has been a while since the formation was announced, and just like when the announcements were coming close for the 1st and 2nd Single, I conveyed my feelings through the blogs and messages.


This time, I am really struggling on how should I convey it to you all.

I’m stuck in the cycle of writing and deleting stuffs.

It’s difficult.


I wish that I am good in writing so that I could convey my thoughts properly.

I shall think about it more and carry out the jobs so that I can put my thoughts into shape.


Through this 3rd Single, may Sakurazaka46 reaches out to a lot of people.

Also, I hope that with it we can spend a good time together.


It will be released on October 13th.

Looking forward to your support!




Next, the 3rd round application for the meet & greet has started.

The meet & greet will be starting near the end of our tour, so there will surely lots of exciting stuffs to talk about. I hope we can have a fun time talking with each other.


The deadline is tomorrow, August 26th, at 14 o’clock!


I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

It makes me happy having you come to see me!




August is ending soon.

I’m not good with hot weather, but somewhat it feels sad~


Do you have some things left to be done?

I do have some~

from small things and also some more important stuffs!


Talking about one of the small stuffs, I want to eat a fluffy shaved ice covered with delicious sauce.


I wonder if I can have one before August ends.


My favorite green T-shirts!


Well then, that’s about it for today.


Cute, isn’t it?~ 🐰

I made this during the Easter back then~!

In the mobame, I just sent a picture of the rabbit, but actually there is a house for it as well~ 🥕

I wonder what should I create next~!

I want to create a big house using Lego blocks sometime!

Thank you for reading up until the end.


Bye~bye 🦒




Inoue Rina

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