INORI BLOG (2021.10.09)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

Today, the performance in Osaka for our 1st Tour will be starting~!

It’s been a long time ever since we last had a Live in Kansai!
I’m baack~!!

Everyone, look forward to it~!




It’s been a while since I let my forehead in the open 🦒



I performed in “CDTV Live! Live! 4 Hours Special” on the “Odottemita DANCE” segment (Let’s try to dance along)!


We dance to YOASOBI-san’s song, “Kaibutsu”.


It was really nerve-wrecking, but also really fun as well.

To be honest, I was anxious to be with a lot of members who are great at dancing, but on the other hand I was reminded to properly prepare for my performance once more.


I’m really thankful to be able to participate in such segment!







These two gave me a lot of tips about the dance.

We’re doing the “Kaibutsu” pose.






After that, I had the Rekomen! Sakura Fubuki Matsuri.


Thank you to Nori-san and all of you who listened to it.


I’m really glad to be able join in for Marina’s (Matsuda Rina) inauguration as the radio personality.

How was my unit song with Marina, “On My Way”??


I’m really curious about your thoughts~!

Marina wrote about this in her blog as well, but we have yet to decide our unit name 😅.

We’re really unsure on what it should be.
I got a lot of questions from you all too about the unit name. Please wait for a bit more!

Yui-chan (Takemoto Yui) also made a surprise appearance. I really had no idea about it!
You all must be surprised as well, right?! www


We had a really good time☺


Sakurazaka46 performed in MTV LIVE MATCH!


Thank you for those who came!


I’m happy that we got the opportunity to introduce ourselves to many people who are not “Buddies”.


Surely I want you all “Buddies” to love us even more, and I hope that we left quite an impression to those who watched us for the first time.







Well then, that’s about it for today.


Thank you for reading up until the end.


Bye~bye 🦒

Inoue Rina



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