INORI BLOG (2021.10.18)

This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.

I saw on TV that it was going to get cold in the weekend. “Oh, so it’s going to get cold,” I thought to myself, letting my guard down. Then, it was getting real cold more than I expected~.

It felt like the autumn has just passed by and now the winter has come.
Yet in my first blog in this October I wrote that 「nowadays, it feels cold in the evening.
“Aa~ autumn has come~,” I told myself」www

Be careful not to catch a cold!

The person who is making a heart sign with both hands, and the person who is making a peace sign with one hand~
(note : I don’t know if it is just something in Japan or not, but it is very common with the young people here to send a picture in SNS or chat groups followed with an exact description oh what the viewers seen in it…)

Tomorrow, October 19th I will show up in InterFM「MUSIClock」that will air from 7:30 AM!
We became a weekly guest in the show every Tuesday in this October. Two weeks ago it was Hono, last week was Rei-chan, this week it’s me Inoue, and next week it will be Yumiko.
I will show up in the show from 8:15 AM!
Maybe at that time you are commuting to work / school, or perhaps doing your morning routine at home?
Please have a listen while you’re at it!

Have you applied the lottery for Sakurazaka46’s 3rd Single 「Nagaredama」release commemoration event??
You can apply for many kinds of events using the serial numbers included with the limited first editions of the single copies (any of TYPE-A ~ TYPE-D)!

One in particular is the first application period for the nationwide Meet & Greet, which starts today!

I will be in a pair with the following members!

Uemura Rina-san, on December 11th (Sat)
Matsuda Rina, on December 12th (Sat)
Onuma Akiho-chan, on December 19th (Sun)

You three, yoroshiku! ☺

December and also the end of the year is coming soon, so maybe it’s time to say “Wishing you a great year ahead!”~? www (note: since this will probably be the last M&G in this year)
Aa, Christmas is also coming soon!
To those who have come for my Meet & Greet for so many times, and even those who will come for the first time, I’ll be waiting for you~.

The deadline for the 1st application period will is on October 19th, at 23:59!

Let’s have a good time together.
I’ll be waiting!

There are also lots of other events, so please check them out in the following.

Oh right, today I ate chestnuts.
It sure feels like autumn.
Even though at the beginning of the blog I wrote that “it feels like the winter has come”, now we’re getting back to autumn.

I’m just keep on changing, ain’t I? 🙃

I sent a picture of the chestnuts through the mobame as well, but I felt like that pic was too plain, so for the one in this blog I drew some sketches over the picture.

It’s a breed of chestnut called Borotan 🌰
What a cute name~
It was delicious too~!

Well then, that’s about it for today.
Thank you for reading up until the end.

Bye~bye 🦒

Inoue Rina

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