It’s Airi’s 22nd blog~~ 🤭🤤🐰 (2023.10.09)





Thank you for opening my blog




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 18 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡








It’s the 22nd blog from Airi, who wasn’t sure whether to use this blog title or not because today’s blog will be a short one~~






ーーー CDTV Live! Live! ーーー




I will be making an appearance in CDTV Live! Live! 3.5 Hours SP

Which will be broadcasted today, October 9th (Monday) at 6:30 PM!




We will be performing “Shonin Yokkyu” for the first time!




My first time at a music show,, I’m nervous, but I’ll try to enjoy it!





Because it’s CDTV, I’ll get to put my autograph on the signboard, right?!


I’ve always wanted to do it, so I think my hands would be trembling,,, lol







Please watch it!





The song was echoing in the wide space, it got me really excited~ 🤭








The other day, I tried doing gacha in UNI’S ON AIR,,,




I got my own SSR~ 🤭


I didn’t get the signed version,
But I was surprised that I got myself lol






ーー Sakurazaka46 Kochira Yurakusho Hoshizora Housoukyoku ーー




I appeared on KochiHoshi with Inoue-san on October 8th (Sunday) 23:00~!!




Inoue-san was reallllllly good at talking, I was moved because I got to see her do the opening talk in real life,,




She was so cool ✨️




By the way, I just looked at photos of ikanago no kugini and it turns out I’ve eaten it before!!!
[T/N: They talked about their favorite toppings for rice, Inoue answered this and Airi didn’t know about it]





It was so good,,,

I want to eat rice now 🤤🍚





ーーー Top Yell NEO-san ーーー



I’m featured on the cover with Yu (Murai Yu)!














Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) is now a part of the Monday Love it! family~!



I watched her this morning 🫡




I’m so happy for her as if it was myself,,, ☺️




Let’s watch it together~! 🐰







That’s all for today!




Let’s meet again soon~!!





Don’t forget to watch CDTV Live! Live!~









See you 👏🏻👏🏻

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