“It’s anthem time !!” now, let’s sing 🎶 (2023.06.28)


Hi everyone!! KonNagi!!


I’m Kojima Nagisa, 3rd year high-school student from Nagano!



It has been 11 days, but I guess for those who watched my SHOWROOM, it was just about 6 days back??



I have many things to talk about today as well, so I’ll be glad if you can read up until the end🎀




3rd-gen SHOWROOM relay!
I was in charge for the 4th day☺︎



Thank you for those who watched it❤︎



Personally, I was excited since it felt like I can talk directly with you all. I hope you all could feel it too!!





It would appear that the other 3rd-gen members were also watching in real-time. It was funny when I checked my phone after the live and seeing many “KonNagi~!” messages showing up in the 3rd-gen’s chat group.



Thank you all of you for watching~!


I said this during the live, but it was Itoha (Mukai Itoha) who tied up my ponytail!

Thank you❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎




All the 3rd-gens always realize and come to help whenever I’m in need. Being together with all these wonderful friends is more than I could ever hoped.


Not to mention, I happened to meet the seniors before the live,,
They gave me lots of encouragement, like “Good luck, KonNagi!”, and it made me so happy🤭



The 3rd-gen SHOWROOM relay is still ongoing!



They are always comforting and making me smile, so I hope you all can also enjoy the 3rd-gen SHOWROOM live!


By the way,
The next one will be in June 29th (Thu), 20:00 ~ 21:00!


Who will be appearing……🧐💭


We’ll find out later then~(⑉• •⑉)❤︎






🌷The 6th Single “Start over!” is now on sale!🌷

Today is the release day! It makes me happy that the CDs have arrived at your door!! Thank you very much!


The excitement before the things that you wanted arrives is such a nice feeling, isn’t it?


The 3rd-gens are participating in this single with the songs “Seijaku no Boryoku” and “Anthem time”!


I talked about “Seijaku no Boryoku” after the music video was released, so today I will talk a bit about “Anthem time”🤏🏻



The first time I listened to this song, I feel that it is such a wonderful song. What do you think??


This song makes me feel that all of you Buddies who are supporting us and all the 3rd-gens are so close together. I really love it.


In particular, I really like the lyrics for the seconds verse.


I believe this is a song that can be enjoyed together with you all in concerts, so I’m looking forward to perform this someday in front of you all!




I’ll keep on giving my best such that “Natsu no Chikamichi”, “Seijaku no Boryoku”, and also “Anthem time” can reached out to you all.




This time, as a special bonus for purchasing the CDs, an in person meet-up event will be held!!!!



Doing it online is fine, but it does make me nervous for meeting you all in person apart from the concerts,,!


The first application period is until tomorrow, June 29th (Thu) 23:59!


This will be the first in person Meet & Greet for Sakurazaka, so I would be glad if we can enjoy it altogether☺︎
I’ll be waiting for anyone! Those who have been supporting me so far for sure, but also those who cannot participate in the online meet & greet due to other schedule, or even those who take a liking in me recently.


I understand that Meet & Greet costs time and money, so I’ll make sure to share the love in my own way for those who come such that you will be going back home with great feeling!~🎀


I can’t wait to meet you all👀



Also, as a commemoration for the release of the 6th Single, we went to Shibuya TSUTAYA and wrote our signature and comments there. Those of you who are living nearby, please go and see!




🌷Recent update🌷

I’ve watched the clips from 3rd-gen Omotenashikai that was held back during March with several other members (from the bonus clips that come along with the CDs).


It was fun to watch it. Nostalgia, embarrassment, fun, and all other kinds of emotions came at once.


Above all things, the 2 minutes show was the most exciting. All the 3rd-gens are so lovely and cute.



I don’t really like watching myself in the clips such that I covered my eyes with my hands and just kind of peeked time by time. I felt like I did my best back then, but it was quite embarrassing to see how it actually went now hehehe


I wonder if I have grown for the better now~?
Actually, watching those clips also helped to give me more motivation. I’m very grateful that those moments got preserved like this.


The Omotenashikai already feels like something from a long long time ago,,,


I cried inside when I heard you calling out to us, since I was not expecting so many people to come and greet us warmly.


It is all thanks to all of you that I can become an idol as part of Sakurazaka46.
I’ll keep on doing my best to grow even more~!!!






I’ll be looking forward to your continuous support!





From here on, let me put some off-shots from the photoshoots for magazine, doonnn(っ・-・)⊃


📸From anan

📸From Vivi

📸From Weekly Shonen Magazine



🌷I’ll be Answering Questions♪🌷


○If you can only eat one type of noodles, which would it be?

Uwaaa~ that is a difficult one,,,,,,,,

Can’t I just say curly noodles~? hihi

It troubles me since I like all of them, be it ramen, cold chinese noodle, cold noodles, pasta, udon, yakisoba, etc.!!

If you ask me which is the strongest candidate, I guess it’ll be pasta?

There are lots of flavors available, so you won’t get bored easily.
The taste of fresh pasta is out of this world!

However, it’s hard to throw the ramen aside,,,!
Those are two difficult choices. I cannot decide.





○What kind of fillings do you like for an onigiri?
Shrimp-mayonnaise, Tuna-mayonnaise, mentaiko with mustard, salmon roe,,

But to be honest, I like everything hihi
The one that I’ve finally able to eat recently is the one with plum!

We received it as a gift and I ate it without knowing what’s inside, but it was delicious!

I successfully overcome the hurdle of plums✌️


Before, I hate it so much that I won’t eat it, hehehe





○Is there a name for the duo of Nagisa-chan and Matono Mio-chan?

Mio was the one who named it~

She does show up a lot in my blog, eh? hihi
I realized that when somebody mentioned it in the fan letter~
But really, nothing was planned about it.




Well then, that’s it for today!




Next up is Airi!


To Airi who likes plum,
I think I’ve finally able to eat plum, so later on please tell me plum based food that is recommended for beginners~☺



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