It’s my last blog for 2023~____#nagisablog

Good evening~

It’s Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member Kojima Nagisa






Truly thank you very much

to everyone who have came to the venue,

who have watched COUNTDOWN JAPAN 23/24~ πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ




It was the last live show of this year for us 3rd generation members




We were able to perform

3rd gen’s song “Seijaku no Boryoku”

and “Dead end”.




They are both memorable songs for us,

and I was happy to have been able to perform them on our last live show in 2023.

We could clearly hear your voice~

Thank you very much ☺︎





I like the playlist of songs that we performed that day.

I’ve been listening to them recently







From here on I will be posting offshots

I’d be happy if you could give it a look until the end





Miu Airi

They both used Mametchi as character ☺︎ Cute, isn’t it?


Who do you think won…? lol





Rika Mio




Nice… Nice!!!!!!







I took this on last year’s 31st December

Snowy scenery feels nostalgic…




All the Buddies,

may you all have a happy new year

Let’s meet again next year~

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