It’s the 🐶🐶th Airi Blog~~🌸🌀 (2023.06.29)




Thank you for opening my blog!




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation’s Taniguchi Airi from
Yamaguchi🐡and currently 18 years old.





It’s the 11th blog from Airi, who after washing her bed sheets and putting them in the dryer, fell asleep still wrapped up in the sheets due to how soft and warm they were and how good they smelled~~



Since it’s the 11th blog I used !


🐶🐶→ wan wan→ 11 !
[t/n: wan = sound of a dog barking]





I received the baton from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa)~


To Nagi, 
I have many different kinds of plums at my house, so come over and give them a try~💕




ーーー Start over! ーーー



Our 6th single “Start over!” was released on the 28th of June (Wednesday)~!!


We, the 3rd generation, took part with “Seijaku no Bouryoku” and “Anthem Time”


They are both great songs so I would appreciate it if you gave them a listen!



also, on the 26th of June (Monday), the MV for our seniors’ song “Drone Senkaichuu” was released too~




When I listened to it before going to sleep, the chorus kept looping and I couldn’t fall asleep.


I wanted to try using a “Drone Senkaichuu” emoji for today’s blog title~!



There are other great songs included so please check them out! 





A panel was installed at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA-san! 


Signatures and comments are written on it, so everyone who is nearby come take a look if you’d like! 


My picture was in a high place, but there was something written about climbing a stepladder so please look for it if you’re interested








📸Yu (Murai Yu) 


Out of all the pictures people have taken of me, this is pretty much my favorite one



I wonder if you remember the old memories we made together during summer,,,? 




Just kidding 🤭



ーーー SHOWROOM livestream ーーー



Thank you for the showroom livestream!!



I got the baton from Nagi (Kojima Nagisa) and streamed on the 24th of June (Saturday)~!




One hour really goes by fast,,, lol 


At first I was nervous, but thanks to the Airi notes I brought I managed to talk a lot~!



Thank you for the comments too! 

My eyes struggled to keep up and I could not read many of them, sorry for that💦



To relieve my nervousness I put fluffy Tim onto my lap, who I usually sleep with~
[t/n: stuffed bear character from Despicable Me (?)]

I have always liked to talk, so being able to talk so much was fun!




Actually, during the shooting of my introduction vlog I talked for more than four hours alone with the camera,, lool

I was recording while thinking “I’m sorry for the person who will edit this~💦”.




That’s how much I love talking, and there are still more than half of the things I wanted to talk about left in my Airi notes~!



Because of work or other things I am sure there are people who did not have the chance to watch it, so I hope I get to do it again soon☺️




ーーーWeekly Shounen Sundayーーー



I will appear in the cover and intro of Weekly Shounen Sunday’s 32nd issue on the 5th of July (Wednesday)!


We got to do the shooting in a place that was so amazing that I’ve even thought about wanting to go there in my own time some day as well~


It’s my first time alone in a cover so I’m happy 😭


Please check it out~!









My appearances in anan-san on the 21st of June (Wednesday),
in Cancam-san and Vivi-san on the 22nd of June (Thursday)
have been released


I loved all the clothes!


I got to try straight hair, having my hair put together in the back, twin tails… pay attention to the hairstyles as well!


I will be waiting for all your impressions☺️




📸 Itoha (Mukai Itoha)



From the time at anan-san! 



Everyone looked so cool with monotone clothes~

It really was my type♡




ーーー Event ーーー



The applications for the real Meet & Greet, online Meet & Greet and the online Autograph Session will start on the 28th of June!



The real Greet & Meet

will be held at Makuhari Messe on the 13th of August (Sunday) !

I am very excited to meet everyone directly. 

We, the 3rd generation, will only take part in the 3rd and 4th part. We will be in your care!

I am in a pair lane with Riko (Endo Riko) !



The online Greet & Meet

will be on the 26th of August and 3rd of September!

the 3rd generation will only take part in the 4th part. 

On the 26th I will be paired with Reina (Odakura Reina) and Yu (Murai Yu)
while on the 3rd I will be with Yuzu (Nakashima Yuzuki) in a pair lane!



The online Autograph Session

will be the 3rd of September (Sunday) !



I will be waiting for everyone!


Riko, Reina, Yuzu and Yu oshis! 
I will be in your care🙇‍♀️





Something that happened recently with Itoha


Itoha has always been hugging me since we were training, but lately the power she uses when clinging onto me has been getting stronger lol


Sometimes I’m about to fall because of her, but I am somehow handling it


The two of us recently went on a date together for the first time in a while~!



ーーー Q&Aー ーーー



Q: Do you prefer chocorooms or chococones? 





I love them because you can enjoy both the chocolate and biscuit side of it !



Sorry Riko… 

I’m not Team Riko this time…

(for those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about, please read Riko’s blog from June 15th ☺︎︎)




Q: What kind of cake do you like?


hmm~ that is hard🤔


I guess gateau chocolate and cheese cake~ 


but it’s hard not picking shortcakes or tarts… 


Basically I could eat anything!  


I used to not like cheese cake a long time ago, but I started liking it little by little and now they are my favorite🤤


I wonder if it means that my taste matured??🤭




Q: What book(s) do you like?



・Tsujimura Mizuki’s   Kagami no Kojo
・Aizawa Sako’s   Medium: Psychic Detective Hisui Shirotsuka
・Chinen Mikito’s   Kuroneko no SayokyokuYasashii Shinigami no Kaikata
・Mori Eto’s   Colorful


I am into mystery, murder cases, and unrealistic realities. 


When I was an elementary student, I was so into reading that I was remembered as “the person who came to the library everyday” by the librarian~


Lately I have not read a lot of books, so if you have any recommendations let me know~!







oh yeah!


I want anime and book recommendations so I was thinking of making a tag! 



#愛季に知らせたいこと (#WhatIWantToLetAiriKnow)



Use this tag if there’s something you’d like to tell me! 


For those of you who don’t watch anime or read books,
just tell me something that happened to you today or something🤭






This time I will leave it here! 



I wonder if it got a bit too long?



Well, I had fun writing so I guess that’s okay!



In my last blog I wrote that I would focus more on the off shots, but there are so many pictures I want to use I could not choose🥲


I will post them the next time, so wait for it~







Tomorrow will be Yuzu’s turn!



I sent a voice message to Yuzu before her Showroom, but apparently she did not listen before starting the stream



so when I sent her a voice message like “hmph!” she praised me saying that my Yuzu soft tone of speaking got better






Look forward to Yuzu’s blog~!









See you👋🏻👋🏻




















Airi with bangs~~





It’s been 2 years since the last time I had bangs, so I am not used to them 



I am bit self-conscious about whether they fit me or not, So I’m posting it at the very end






Now bye for real this time👋🏻👋🏻





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