“LOVE it!” 🐰 (2023.12.27)



Hello. It’s Yuuzu.



I’ve graduated from being a Monday season regular on “LOVE it!”.

Thank you for these three months from October to December! 🐰

My Monday mornings were filled with smiles and laughter.



The really funny Monday regular cast members worked hard to support me, who was still inexperienced, while I was doing my best. They pulled me along and gently embraced me.



MC Kawashima Akira-san
He gave me a lot of chances to experience new things. He always found something I could improve from the previous weeks and gave me another chance. Thanks to Kawashima-san, I was able to enjoy the process of finding out who I was in the show. Thank you very much.



[T/N: a suffix for calling announcers/news anchors] Tamura-san is very cool. She would always give kind and cheerful words to me who was worried because everything was a first for me. She would also have a fun conversation with me during the commercials, which made me really happy. Thank you very much.



Robert’s Baba-san
I was happy to be able to talk a lot with Baba-san who is filled with kindness. I’ve always liked Robert-san [T/N: the name of his comedy pair], so I was happy to actually be together with him and laugh at his jokes.



Borujuku’s Anri-san
I was helped so many times by Anri-san, who kindly encouraged me by telling me “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Thank you for pampering me by calling me “Little daughter!”



Borujuku’s Tanabe-san
She watched over me kindly and would always say “Oh myー, so cute.” Every word coming from Tanabe-san is positive, bright, and wonderful.



Borujuku’s Kiriya Haruka-san
Everyone would smile every time Haru-chan-san talks. I was happy because she would always put on a big smile and wave her hands every time we greeted each other “Good morningー” or “See you, bye byeー”.



Our casual conversations before and after the shows were so fun. No matter what game we play, he would always give me serious advice and help me process it before the show starts.



Thank you for always giving me gifts with wonderful messages on it everytime. She taught me how to enjoy things naturally. It was a pleasure to talk to her a lot.

At the end, she also gave me a surprise gift, a picture filled with love!!!
Thank you very much 😭 I miss her already



Nasunakanishi’s Nasu-san
I would always listen to Nasu-san and Nakanishi-san’s conversation from behind me and it was always so peaceful and friendly, it was wonderful. Thank you very much for supporting me gently when I was at a loss for words.



Nasunakanishi’s Nakanishi-san
I will never forget how I felt at ease and secure because Nakanishi-san looked me in the eye and talked to me on the day of my first appearance. I was happy that he talked to me a lot during the commercials. Five stars 🌟!
[T/N: A gag that Nakanishi taught Yuzu to use for food reports, from November 6th LOVE it! episode]



All of the staff
Thank you for always guiding me warmly and cheerfully. I felt the kindness of each and every one of the staff in various situations, and they always supported me. After meeting everyone, I fell in love with “LOVE it!” even more.



Thank you for coming to the studio during the Halloween season and Christmas day. Thank you for doing jump rope with me.
I was happy because Lappy-san looked me in the eye and talked to me a lot.
Lappy-san had great success during the relay race yesterday, right!
[T/N: About the December 26th episode] Lappy-san, I will continue to love you lots from now on!



I will make good use of the presents I received from everyone the other day. 🎁Thank you.






I believe that the memories I had while giving color to a new morning every Monday with the staff and casts of Japan’s most cheerful morning show will continue to support me for many years to come.


I’m sad to graduate, but I will continue to do my best cheerfully in order to bring double of the double of the double of smiles to your face on “LOVE it!” 🔆
[T/N: The double double double part is from a running joke from the December 25th episode]


Thank you for the three months!




I want to meet Lappy-san again





Thank you for reading until the end.


Wishing you all the best 🌻


See you

From Yuuzu

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