May (2022.05.02)




I’m Moriya Rena🍒






It’s already May〜
Everyone, how did you spend Golden Week?







Thank you very much for the meet and greet the other day 🎀



Everyone told me
“It’s rare to see you wearing that black sweatshirt”〜



But a lot of people also told me they liked the casual feel
So I was happy ♡










I’m looking forward to being able to see everyone again next meet and greet💓












We received the honor of being invited on JAPAN JAM 2022 on 5/1🎏




A lot of people turned up to see us and I was really happy.
Thank you very much!





Having a live outdoors felt so spacious and it was really fun!



The rain held off until just after the end, what a relief



I was really happy to see everyone’s towels and hand fans☺︎


























Tomorrow, 8:00 a.m〜
I will appear on VTR on TBS “Love It!” 🐰💓




“Einstein-san’s Golden Week Vacation in Huis Ten Bosch”




Together with Einstein-san,
Akina-san and Nihon no Shacho-san
I got to go on a location shoot
At Huis Ten Bosch* in Nagasaki🌷

*T/N: A Dutch-themed theme park in Nagasaki





It was a really, really fun location shoot.
I would be really happy if those who have time would watch it☺︎






I wore a dress like this tooーー








I will be appearing on VTR with Hono-chan the day after tomorrow on Love It! 🐰♡



“Card Games You Can Play With Your Family Ranking”


I would be really happy if you watched it☺︎










For the 4th single “Samidare yo” official goods


This time, there areー
individual teru teru bouzu keychainsー🌂



These are the teru teru bouzu* that each of the members designed☺️

*T/N: Traditional handmade paper/cloth dolls that are hung as a prayer for sun or rain (upside down)


All of them are really cute so please be sure to check them outー♪









See ya〜






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