Meet and Greet! (2022.04.18)



Hello everyone!




Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here 🌸








Thank you for the past 2 days of Meet and Greet!








I wore this Sylvanian hair tie 💕






I really enjoyed the Meet and Greet since everyone showed me their stuff like a hand-crafted fan 🎶



The time spare for Meet and Greet is quite short and knowing they were taking the trouble to make that kind of stuff somehow I want to say my thanks for that 🥲







Yesterday was Hikari-chan’s birthday 🎂🤍



Happy birthday!





Today’s birthday is Rei-chan! Happy birthday ♡♡









See you on April 29th Meet and Greet ☁️








Thank you for reading until the end!











Kousaka Marino



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