Mori Nao (2021.05.10)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱

Yesterday, the last episode of Borderless finally aired!

Did you manage to watch it??

While I am sad that it’s finally come to an end, I am relived knowing that we were able to reach the final episode without any issues.

The scripts that I kept reading during filming~

Some time ago, I suddenly wanted to re-read the scripts. Once I opened the first episode’s page, I had a bunch of memories come back to me.

We started filming in January, so it was really cold. lol

Even with the filming being difficult, it was due to the kindness of the staff at the location that helped make the filming really fun.

Not to mention the directors, who were all extremely kind, cheerful and funny. It made me really happy to be able to speak about a lot of things with them as the days passed by ^ ^

Additionally, I was taught all sorts of things from Director Kanai, Matsuda, and Kuwashima!

I’m truly filled with nothing but feelings of gratitude.

Thank you very much!!

I’ll be giving it my absolute best so that we can all work together in the future.

Also, to Kyoko-san, who I filmed along side with for about 2 months and a half!

At first, I was a bit nervous since we didn’t talk to each other at all, but since we had the same sense of humor, we kept laughing the entire time during filming.

From there, as Nao and Kiri’s relationship grew, I felt as if ours also did at the same time, which made me really happy ^ ^

I’m so glad that you were Kiri!

Thank you so much!

Kon-chan took the photo for us ^ ^

I’ve also been with Kon-chan since the day we started filming! She’s really really cute and her face always puts me at ease~

I’m looking forward to the day where we can meet again!

Kon-chan! The day we started filming 💐

Next, to Nao’s mother and father, Awata Urara-san and Akira 100%-san!

The atmosphere of the scenes at home were really pleasant and peaceful, I really enjoyed it.

You both even had various conversations with me during our breaks, which made me really happy.

Thank you very much!

Speaking of the scenes at home, this one comes to mind 🐹

He’s really rough. lol

I wonder if he’s doing well~

Also, I drew Matsumiya Yuuki-chan, who appeared on the final episode yesterday, but…

Despite feeling frustrated and painful emotions, I managed to feel glad and emotionally moved from the bottom of my heart in the end.

After that, I also drew our grown up appearances as well~

We each had our own respective paths that we willingly went down, and we all had our own robust growth ^ ^

Nao was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division!

At first, Nao was unsure about her own future, but it’s because she met Kiri that she was able to choose that path for herself ( ´`)

Also, Kiri was funny in her own way up until the very end~

The stage play Hatsukoi!

It was made to the finest details for us~

I received a copy 🕊

I also attended Kotone-san’s wedding ceremony~

The scene where her and Kanon-san both play the piano together was absolutely superb..

Kei-san, aka Hamagishi Hiyori-san!

I took a photo with her for the first time 👀

Her role was really difficult, but every time I watched her, I couldn’t help but think about how well she played it.

The family scene in the 9th episode was also really moving..

An unusual NaoKiri 👗

Once again, thank you very much to all of you who watched Borderless!

I’m so happy that I was able to have a great experience being able to play the role of “Mori Nao”.

Truly, thank you so much!!!

Thank you very much for reading until the very end!

The end🌱

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