Munch munch (2020.12.19)

Hello everyone,
I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation🌱
I went to the Sakurazaka café the other day!
I went to the Omotesando Hills store!
I wrote a lot of signatures and drew a lot of drawings~
I accidentally just noticed Yoshiko. lol


She pulled a lot of random goods with me on them. I’m pretty happy about it~
Everyone was really addicted to the gacha machines and we kept doing it for so long..
I’ve got good luck in pulling Sugai-san ( ´`)
There were so many random goods, like can badges, mini-trading posters, illustration acrylic charms, etc. So I opened a lot of them.
Random goods are quite fun!
Also, the place mats were really cute, so I bought a white-colored one~.
The acrylic coasters are also a favorite of mine.
I’ll use them a lot ( ´`)
Please do feel free to check them out as well~
The food was also extremely delicious..
As expected, I like the white omelet rice the best~
The pasta was also really popular amongst the members ( ´`)
For those of you who prefer a stronger flavor, I recommend the hamburger.
All of the meals were delicious!

For beverages, I ordered the white yogurt drink!


When you add the syrup, it becomes a sakura-colored drink.
I recorded a video, so I’ll be sending it in the talk app~
Also, Yui-chan’s in the background looking a bit indecisive on what to write. lol



I got a keyholder with Yui-san on it from the gacha machines, so I asked her to sign it for me ( ´`)
Thank you very much!
Both Tokyo stores have now opened, but the Osaka store will open on December 24th at Tennoji MIO, so please feel free to go there and have some fun!
I’ll be changing the conversation..
“Aeon Card x Sakurazaka46 Morita Club” has been made public on the Official Aeon Card YouTube channel!
I was given the role of being the MC.
The plan is to have some relaxed conversations based around talk themes while eating yummy food.
Inoue, Takemoto and Tamura came for the 1st volume!
We were welcomed and ate at “Yakiniku・Salt hormone Sabu-chan” in Kanda, Tokyo!
It’s been a while since I’ve eaten yakiniku, so it was bliss..
Also, the Sabu-chan’s famous product, the “crown daisy bomb” salad was super delicious (°°)
I’d like to eat it again some other time~
I was a bit nervous since it’s my first time doing something like this, but being able to talk with the other 2nd generation members like we usually do was really fun.
Seki, Fujiyoshi, and Yamasaki came for the 2nd volume~
We were welcomed and ate at “TAKOYAKI BALL KURURI” in Ebisu, Tokyo!
Starting from exactly 3:50 in the video, a certain surprise occurs~
It was pretty surprising, but I found it quite interesting (°°)
I’ve never eaten takoyaki from this place before, so it was delicious from the beginning to the end, it left an impression on me.

From perilla flavor to beef tendon, konjac, etc., we ate a ton of takoyaki~
We also had a pretty relaxed conversation, so I think that you guys were probably able to see a side of me you’ve never seen before~
It was an episode full of a lot of different conversations, from when we took the auditions to things about our seniors, so please do check it out!
Volume 3 will premiere next week on Friday, so please look forward to it..
Moving on, the WEB movie was made public a few days ago!
Have you been able to watch it yet??
The contents of the movie are closely related to modern times, the frustration of being unable to continue moving forward, but even in the current situation, starting from what we can do right now while encouraging each other.
Such as Yui-san holding an online live, or Risa-san holding a solo-exhibition. 
This time around, I helped out Risa-san with her solo-exhibition~
I rode a bicycle during filming, the scenery was really stunning..
The behind-the-scenes have also been made public, so please feel free to watch it 🚲
Ah, also tomorrow is the meet and greet!
Thank you to those of you who came last week!
It made me really happy to talk to many of you who I haven’t talked to in a while, as well as those of you who came for the first time.
I’m really sorry to those of you who I was unable to talk to in the 5th and 6th part after waiting so long due to a system failure.
We can talk after you’re able to transfer your tickets to a different time o(・・)/
Since it’s getting close to Christmas tomorrow, I’ve prepared some Christmas-like things for the occasion~
Also, I’ll be writing another message and drawing something again, so those of you who see it, please let me know ( ´`)
Let’s talk about a lot of things~
I’ll be waiting!
Well then, that’s all for today…
Thank you very much for reading until the very end!
The end🌱

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