It’s Kobayashi Yui






The music video for Fujiyoshi and Yamasaki centered coupling songs
that is included 2nd single “BAN”
has been released in Sakurazaka46’s official YouTube channel!


Have you seen it already?





Fujiyoshi centered song “Guuzen no Kotae”
that expressed the flurry of emotions of when falling in love
such as the first experience of elation, frustration, transientness



Yamasaki centered song “Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai”
that daringly express that you are not alone even when you are by yourself
by expressing the daily life spent with friends
you can feel the happiness of knowing that there is someone else who are there for you


Both are very nice songs 😌

By all means, please listen to it together with [watching] the music video as well





Releasing pictures〜



























◇ Today we will be appearing in
“Music Station” 🕶


We will be performing 2nd single “BAN” for the first time!


Today is a 3 hours special,
so the live broadcast will start earlier than usual at 6:45PM JST

By all means, please watch it~!





We will also be appearing on,


◇ “HEY!HEY!NEO Music Champ”
on 10th April from 9PM JST


◇ “Shibuya Note”
on 10th April from 11:20PM JST



I’m very happy to be able to have many opportunities
to perform our song!


By all means, please watch them ☺️





see you again⊿⊿



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