My Favorite Color (2022.04.16)

Good evening 🌙



Today we had meet & greet sessions!


My Favorite Color (2022.04.16)


I really like light blue clothes after all ~





Thanks so much
to everyone who came (^.^)







Today on Saturday April 16th, from 24:05
I will be making an appearance tonight


In the ABC TV’s variety show “Captured by the security camera! Shocking Skit Videos” 📹



It was their first broadcast after becoming a regular show!
I’m very happy…thank you very much.



I rarely get to appear together
with the members in Variety TV shows,
so I felt relieved that Yui-chan was there with me. 😌


Anyway, it became a recording that was full of laughter!
It was really fun~


Please take a look by all means 🏃







On Wednesday April 20th from 13:00,
will be in the Tokyo FM radio show “Yamazaki Rena’s Things I Wanted to Tell Someone”


I will be in the Magazine “RAY”
which goes on sale on Friday April 22nd


On Saturday April 23rd from 17:00,
I will be in the Tokyo FM radio show “Saturday’s Eureka”


And also on Saturday April 23rd, from 18:00,
we will make an appearance in the Fuji TV’s show “MUSIC FAIR”



I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in all these activities!
Once the dates approach,
I will be providing more details about each of these~





I’m also waiting for tomorrow’s Meet & Greet sessions as well.
Looking forward to your support ☺︎


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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