My favorite color (2023.07.22)



Today is hot as well (´Д` )


And I was also able to hear the cicadas,
this is the authentic summer feel.


Let’s do our best with these good vibes~ 🫠🌊




Well then,
Let me share the 2nd part of the photos from France







The shelves at my grandma’s house are decorated
with various ornaments brought from different countries,
I’ve always wanted to have something like that, so as I result this is what I found…


I got the Paris Bear  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ💙
It’s way too cute~~!


I wasn’t able to find unusual small ornaments
like those at my grandma’s house,
but this one is very precious to me
and it became a favorite! I’m happy!!!



I hope that from now on,
I can continue collecting more memories.







Tomorrow is at Osaka!
I’m looking forward to your support 🚰

I think it will get pretty hot outdoors,
so please take care of yourselves~!
For everyone who’s coming to the venue, let’s have fun 🙂



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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