My hobby lately is online shopping and looking at clothes every day. I have more clothes now so I went on my own to go buy hangers! This is supposed to be the title but it ended up being like a part of the blog. (2023.05.19)





Thank you for opening my blog.



I   a m   M u k a i   I t o h a   f r o m   H i r o s h i m a   P r e f e c t u r e ,

I ’ m   1 7   y e a r s   o l d   a n d   i n   m y   2 n d   y e a r   o f   h i g h   s c h o o l .




I’m continuing off from Mio^._.^




It’s been a while. ^._.^


Have you been waiting for me??




Shii praised this selfie, saying how cute it is



When Itoha is worn out or having a difficult time, Shii is the first person to be by her side.

We really talk about all kinds of things and spend a lot of time together
I can feel how reliable she is in those times~

I love her~^._.^








It feels like May is gonna be over in a flash as well~.
Didn’t it seem fast? lol



Everyone’s been working hard every day!
Somehow it feels like I’ve been tired more days than usual~,,
On days like that, make sure to praise yourself above all else!!

You don’t have to overwork yourself every single day!

Do things in moderation^._.^




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



Hey hey, did you notice?




The intro to my blog says “17 years old” and in my 2nd year of high school now!! ^._.^





I’m one step closer to becoming an adult~!!




I spent my birthday with the 3rd gens and my seniors, and

they even threw me a surprise party..!


Ahh.. I cried so much! lol



Before that, the 3rd gens gave me birthday presents and I cried at the letters they included with them, but to have a surprise birthday party setup like that….



It was truly such a happy day!♡^._.^


Nagi and Shii also brought me a cake
Those two also said


“Today was the loudest my voice has ever been~”


It was so cute lol
Thank you for letting out such loud voices! lol






Please love 17 year old Itoha as well!

Keep your eyes on me!!


Please continue to support me!^._.^



I hope we can celebrate my birthday together next year as well

Love you all.









I’m featured alongside Nakashima Yuzuki
Who is always so kind and considerate of everyone around her



A photoshoot with Yupi~!!📸


It was so much fun^._.^



We wore stuff like a stylish uniform and one-piece dress!



Holding flowers, wearing hats!!




It was so fun that I couldn’t stop smiling~!^._.^



Plus there’s a 10,000 character interview as well…!



I talked about lots of things, so please be sure to take a look!


You can read all about Itoha and Yupi


in detail~! ^._.^


There’s also~
Episodes about the two of us, etc etc💭



It’s fun just thinking back on what we talked about! lol



I’m really glad I could do a photoshoot with Yupi!
I like her even more now. hehe



I’ll post some off-shots next time~!!!







~ Q u e s t i o n s ~




Q1. Is Itoha-chan a morning person?



A. I am if I make an effort!!! lol

I really like taking baths, so I started taking two per day, one in the morning and one at night, and that’s helped me get up early in the morning!


Before coming to Tokyo, I was really not a morning person and always barely woke up in time to get to school^._.^
There were a lot of times I’d see the train leave right before my eyes lol



But since coming to Tokyo, I decided I really have to try to get up on time
So I’ve been using an extremely loud alarm to help me wake up!



There are even days I sleep with the lights on…💭

I’ve been very serious about not oversleeping^._.^





Q2. Do you have a routine or any unintentional habits you have before a live performance?



A. I try to drink as much water as I can before performing~..!

Gulping it down helps me relax!



Other than that~,, I definitely go through what I have to do during the performance by myself in the dark!
For Itoha, being alone and in the dark are the important points!



Since I can concentrate well in the dark!
If I can’t be in the dark, then a lot of the time I’ll face the wall, or close my eyes, stuff like that💭


And I do it alone so I can imagine that I’m up on stage!
When you practice alone, you can’t watch how someone else is doing it, so it’s good for simulating how it is on stage!
It’s important!!!ჱ̒^. ̫ .^

I’m an anxious person, so I can never settle down before performing~..

In the dressing room, I’m always chatting with the others, moving around, I can never stop and sit still so I just wander around lol





A habit I have is making a really obvious head scratching motion when I’m having trouble with something~..

And also, when I feel like I’m about to start crying, I pat myself on the head. lolol


Itoha does a lot of things that make it easy to know how she’s feeling huh lol






Q3. Are there any places in Tokyo that you really like, or want to try going?



As I’ve been saying for a while, I want to go to a zoo or aquarium!!!^._.^🐟‪˜˷

I’ve decided who I’m gonna to the aquarium with🐟‪˜˷
Maybe we’ll swim with some ♩frolicking~ fish♩


I haven’t decided who I’m going to the zoo with, but I want to go sometime this year!!




I also want to go to a theme park!


I want to try riding a ferris wheel~🎡
I haven’t done it even once in my entire life…

I’m not very good with heights, but I think I can do it. lol



I wanna see fireworks this summer~!

Handheld fireworks would be fine too!!! We lit some last year at my grandma’s house!!✺



I wanna see Christmas lights in winter! Because the lights in Tokyo are incredible!
I went to see just a little bit of it
last winter with some of the 3rd gens!

We all ate udon on the way back^._.^
It was tasty lol



I haven’t been able to go to too many places since coming to Tokyo
I still don’t know too much about any places and really wanna see everything!







I’m such a chatty person that I write so much just to answer 1 question lol


Look, look! Half-up pigtails! It’s hard to tell though isn’t it lol




I saw that among your questions many of you requested I do certain hairstyles, so I tried doing one~^._.^


Thank you so much!

Some of the requests were for half-up pigtails^._.^


I’ll continue trying out lots of different hairstyles!






Soko magattara, Sakurazaka?




Did you watch the 3rd gen’s athletic test~?



Everyone woke up early to go to the gymnasium~!!




It was sooo much fun~!! lolol


I was laughing the entire time I was on standby lol


I was having so much fun that day that I took a nap when I got home and was surprised that I slept until late at night~^._.^

I sleep a lot^._.^




I want to try doing the running high jump again~!

It’s not because I want to be praised or anything!!
But I’d be really happy if you did. lol



I feel like I can jump higher now~!




I was talking to Rika-nee a little while ago

It was cute, she said in such a forceful way,

 “I was really the fastest girl in my high school!!”

So of course Rika-nee’s determination for the 50m dash was awesome lolol



If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to watch! ^._.^






I think I’ll wrap things up here this time




There have been a lot of hot days lately, so take care of yourselves!

Itoha feels like she’s gonna melt every day because of how hot it is..



I wanna go to the ocean~
The breaststroke is my specialty ^._.^




This is an off-shot from the BUBKA photoshoot📸


I went to the ocean!!!




And I ran so much!!!


I also collected lots of seashells!!

I brought them home with me, washed them, and used them as decorations^._.^𓇼𓈒𓐍𓈒𓂂𓏸






Well, I’ll see you again in my next blog.


Ah! I got lots of love letters the other day~!!
A lot of them wished me a happy birthday too, thank you so very much!^._.^


Thank you for expressing so much of your love and thoughts to me~
It made me happy^._.^

I was having so much fun seeing how everyone really has their own individual ways of writing love letters and telling me they love me!!

You showed me lots of love, but I think Itoha’s feelings of love for you all are even stronger.



I also got lots of questions, so I’ll answer more of them in my next blog^._.^











Tomorrow is Yu’s turn!
She promised to go to the eye doctor with me soon!
She’s even gonna come into the exam room with me…!

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