Night wind (2021.11.22)

Good evening 🌛



Night wind (2021.11.22)


Best Hits Kayosai (Best Hits Song Festival)
Best Artist
Keyaki Kiseki Game Meeting
Lawson Event


Thank you very much!



During the break times within the Best Artist TV show,
we received these as refreshments,
it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten this~!


Cream puffs from Beard Papa,
they are very delicious after all 👨🏻‍🍳♡



I was paired with Karin-chan
for the Lawson Event. 🐓


I had fun~ ( ˆᴗˆ )





Thank you very much!









For the 2021 MTV EMA’s Best Japan Act Award,
Sakurazaka46 had
the privilege of winning this award.



Really, thank so very much for this.



Together with the members and the staff,
everyone was so happy ☺️



Not just in Japan,
I want the group to become one
that can deliver more and more widely.



And I feel that
we were able to take this step and move forward
thanks to all of you.



This is just the beginning, there is still a lot to come,
I will continue to do my best in order to
deliver Sakurazaka46 in a bigger and deeper way. 🌸









It’s been decided that Sakurazaka46 will have the opportunity
to perform in the 72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.




When I heard about this notification,
I was very, very happy. 🙇


Thank you.



To be able to show everyone
the results of this year through
our performance in the stage,
is something we are very grateful for,
and together we will do our best to deliver it.



Thank you very much 🌸







Tonight Monday, November 22 from 10:54 PM,
I will have the opportunity to appear in


Nippon TV’s show “The Gift” 🎁



Since this is my 2nd time appearing in the show,
I was very happy!



The outfit was cute 🍑🤍


Please check it out, by all means( ˆᴗˆ )🏐





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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