On the other side (2021.12.03)

Good evening 🌘



On the other side (2021.12.03)



This is the night sky that I saw today.


The stars were sparkling 🔭



It was beautiful~~





Speaking of stars,
when I was doing the shooting for the photo book,
the night sky that I saw in Ishigaki Island together with the team
is something that I will never forget, after all…





I love Okinawa~!!!!



I will definitely go again. 🌊😌













We had the 3rd single [Nagaredama]’s
purchaser limited only mini-live streaming.



Thank you very much!







The outfit this time was the 3rd single’s uniform
without the jacket version!



We have only been performing songs
in uniform for the mini-lives,
so even when looking back at the video later,
it still felt fresh after all… 😳






I really love this uniform…



I want to wear it a lot 😻🎀





Well then, I will write again~





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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