One year (2021.12.09)

Hello, everyone!~

The 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE finally start from today ❗️

My heart is pounding…

I think that this year has been an intense one where I was able to experience various things, and where the sense of unity with members has jumped up.

I am very grateful to everyone, it is because of them I become able to think, “Everything is this much fun when I’m with the members!”.

They has become something that is close to a family ^ ^

But more than anything, it makes me very happy to be able to meet the Buddies this year, it gave me a fresh feeling.

I hope that you could be with us for many years to come.

And then, this will be our last concert with Akane-san and Rika-san…

I’d like to cherish every moment thoroughly.

Well then!

Let’s have fun in the show after this~!

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