Online Meet & Greet (2021.06.15)







Good evening everyone


On the other day, the meet & greet for
2nd single “BAN” have safely concluded
To everyone who talked with me
Thank you very much for the fun time






Today is (also) a picture with Miichan
Our rooms were next to each other, so we took pictures
and greet each other 🍒



BACKS LIVE is finally
about to begin,
Your words of support really stirred me up,
I’m all filled with energy



I hope that I can be of support
to everyone who are supporting me
When you are having a hard time
Please be sure to tell me
I’ll bring back Habu-san just for the occasion





And thanks to “bony whites”
I finally ranked last
in this Sakurazaka’s academic test



I’m bad at studying
But I am trying to improve the subject that is human qualities
I have to study hard
By absorbing the good sides of various people
The human brain is the largest storage box 🧠





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