Recently I tend to raise my face when getting my picture shot… 😢😢😢 (2022.03.30)

Good evening~




The MV for 4th single’s coupling song, “Shakankyori”, has been released! πŸš—



I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the MV and others~





I will be featured on the cover and opening feature of
“BIG ONE GIRLS March edition” releasing on 31st March 🌸


It seems that a B2-sized poster will be included as well.


Many pages have been wonderfully made. There is also plenty of interviews.
By all means, please do give it a look.



Thank you very much!☺️






This melonpan was so crunchy, soft, and crisp (assortment of good points) and delicious!




And another one!
At 31st March from 8PM JST~
I will be appearing on AWA’s event LOUNGE together with Kobayashi and Matsuda to commemorate the release for 4th single “Samidare yo” ✨


Let’s have fun together~~
I look forward to it☺︎





Well then,



Peace ✌️




See ya~





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