Red (2021.09.14)

The MV for 3rd single’s title song “Nagaredama”
has been released.

This time,
I am truly honored to be able to work with
Director Ikeda.

I sincerely think that it was
a valuable experience…
Thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best
so that I may meet you again
in an improved form!!


The costumes and set
was truly wonderfully produced,

Every time I wear it, every time I stand on it,
I tensed up…

Thank you very much.

I sang and danced a lot
together with the members.

Everyone are so cool and beautiful…

And I think that you could see
a new side of the group.

By all means, please have a look 😌🥀

I talked with the members of how happy we are
to see a lot of comments from people overseas as well.
Thank you very much( ˆᴗˆ )

It’s a recording I am grateful of,
where I realized again how I am supported by many people.


the cover artwork
of 3rd single
has been released.

work on it this time as well.

I am truly happy and grateful
to be able taken care of in this work as well…

The image greatly changed from previous works,
During the production, I talked with the production team,

“We might surprise everyone”

It was a nerve-wrecking, exciting photoshoot.


This photoshoot was the first job
related to the 3rd single
after the announcement of the formation,

But the words given to me
who has been watching over us
since 1st single
was truly reassuring…

I will do my best in my future activities
so that we may work together again!!!

Last night,
Risa-san centered song “Mugon no Uchuu”
has been released on air.

It’s a song that I really like.

I especially like the music from the build towards the bridge
It makes my heart swoon.

I want to sing it with care 😌



Tomorrow, 15th September (Wed) from 8PM JST
I will be appearing on TV Asahi’s “Cream Quiz Miracle 9”!

It was so fun 😽

By all means, please do give it a look ✌︎


See ya!

Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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