Red and white (2022.10.08)

Hello ☺︎




the temperature suddenly dropped…


Yesterday it was really freezing…


I was trembling,

but Yukka-san comforted me…


Captain…she’s so kind…


I was so happy,

that I ended up saying it was cold many times…











2nd TOUR 2022 “As you know?”


Thank you so much for the

2 days of performance in Hiroshima 🍁♡


Red and white (2022.10.08)




It was our first time as a group in Hiroshima!!!

I was really looking forward to this day.





Although there are still restrictions in place for cheering,

I was moved by the way the Buddies were able enjoy themselves,

the way they made things exciting and the way they supported us.



Everyone was so obedient and cute~

You were so cool~

Thank you, thank you.





Thanks to everyone,

I fell in love with Hiroshima even more!


I even ended up thinking

I didn’t want to go back home ☺️



Let’s meet again for sure 🌸



Thank you for the congratulatory flowers 🌷


It made me happy…




I recorded a Vlog in Hiroshima,

so I will send it via the Message App once it’s ready~







Today is the GirlsAward!


It will be a live stage and runway.


I will be looking forward to your support🤍







See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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