Rucola (2022.04.28)

Good evening



A new school has started in April~🌸
I feel like I’m still in my spring vacation mode even now (Even though May is just around the corner…), but I’ll do my best!


Everyone, let’s do our best together~~☺️






I have been featured on the opening feature of “Shunkan Shounen Magazine” edition 22-23 which is on sale on 27th April~


I went to Hakone! ♨️
There are pictures taken from various moments, so by all means, please give it a look~






My way of jumping is not cute, isn’t it?





I feel sad that there are even more and more things that I shot for the last time,
but I’d like to cherish and enjoy every single one of them✨




Yuipon 🐶🎸










See ya~




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