“Samidare yo” Release✨ (2022.04.06)



Today is finally the release day of Sakurazaka46 4th single “Samidare yo”🌸



April 6, 2016
It has been six years since we debuted with “Silent Majority”.


I kind of feel deeply moved, that we were able to release it on the same day.



It hasn’t been an easy road to this point
but the reason why the group has been able to continue its activities in this way is because of the support of all of you Buddies🌏


Thank you so, so much as always!!





Today, let me talk about “Boku no Dilemma” in which I am participating, okay.



The director behind the MV this time is Konno Erika, and the choreography is by TAKAHIRO-sensei.
Thank you very much.



The light blue costumes were so beautiful, and it made me happy that they used several patterns according to the members✨



We were also blessed with good weather☀︎
The sun~




Princess Rinataso~👸



Baby Rei-chan☺️




This was the last song to produce together with Risa and Aoi.
I feel lonely about it, so I took a lot of pictures!!



After it got dark outside, all the first gens gathered around the heater and talked about the old days, and even danced a little in between. Lol


The choreography of songs even from long ago was pretty much ingrained in our body, we got so lively…😌



And such first gens were able to celebrate the 6th anniversary of their debut today.


The time spent with friends with whom you’ve shared young and intense times of your life is irreplaceable.


“Humility – Kindness – Bonds”


I hope we can all cherish it forever
even if we go our separate ways🌳





Even the headpieces, each person had a different design!



When we were shooting for the scene with the headpiece on, it just kept falling down, and when I was looking ahead through the small gap,
“Sugai, you lift your chin up too much…!”
or so I was pointed out by sensei lol


And then Ten-chan who is the center of the title song this time


It’s sad that I can’t dance together with Ten-chan on her center song, but I always watch her majestic performance on the music shows.


I am so proud and happy that Ten-chan, who was 13 years old when she joined, has grown up to be so bright and honest☺️I already sound like a parent.






“Boku no Dilemma”
April, which is also a season of meeting and parting.
Please listen to the song while thinking of your loved ones.







I’m also very grateful and happy for the various promotions at CD stores and other places for this release!






At Shibutsuta-san, I was able to leave my sign and messages on the panels.
Please come and see it!



While at “Shibuya Stream Tokyu”-san, I was able to shoot the MV for “Saimajo” while the building was still in the pre-construction stage.


It seems that a pathway connecting Shibuya Stream to Shibuya/Sakuragaoka is currently being constructed!


It makes me feel like we have a special connection with it.



And in Shibuya Stream’s facility we have a cherry blossom tree object being displayed🌸



It seems that OSRIN-san and the PERIMETRON team, who did the artwork, worked very hard to prepare it!



Please please come and see it!




Thank you so much to each and all the staff members involved for the cooperation, and the many support on the release of our 4th single!!



“Samidare yo”
May it reach the hearts of many people✨





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