Shinzanmono (2023.12.07)

Thank you for your hard work today as well.





It’s Odakura Reina.





On 2nd December, Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation completed our Shinzanmono performance.


Thank you very much

to everyone who came to the venue

to everyone who watched the stream.




Shinzanmono started with us having each of our worries, such as “Can 3rd gen members do this?” while having a discussion together.



But now, I feel that we can do anything if the members and Buddies are together.


A month may sound like a very short time, but it was a very long and intense period for me…


I have mixed feelings of relief and a little sadness when I think back to those hot, sweaty nights of self-practice.




There were many times when I felt frustrated about hurting my back, but I am very, very happy to have been able to run through it to the end with everyone.



I’d like not to keep this experience here, but to do my best to connect it to even more opportunities in the future.



Truly, thank you

for all the many warm support that you have given us,






Thank you very much for

3rd December Meet & Greet!



It was the last of the individual miiguri, wasn’t it?

Thank you for coming to see me a lot


I hope that everyone who comes can have a fun time,

but I feel that I’m the one who has been smiling even more.



The day when I dress myself like a flamingo lol



Next I have national miiguri with Fuyuka-san.

I’d be happy if first-timers and those who come often

can all smile a lot.


I’ll be waiting for you!








【NEXT BLOG】will be about

Odakura who is eating a crepe in a delicious way

The flowers she received!







I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫

This was Odakura Reina!



#おだくらさんの日記 (Odakura-san’s Diary)



See ya!

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