Sometimes I think that wanting to change requires the courage to destroy yourself, 81 (2024.05.22)

It’s been getting warm lately, hasn’t it〜


I think if you’re outside

you’ll notice the change in temperature, but

When I was in my room the other day

“Oh, maybe my room is warm”

was what I thought 


But this year, spring feels long!

I wonder why












I’ll post

The photos I couldn’t post

From my last blog 🧸














My favorite event


The second round for

Meet and greet applications

Starts from Today, May 22 (Wednesday)

At 14:00!

Until tomorrow May 23 (Thursday)

At 14:00


To those who applied last time

Thank you very much


I’m very happy

( ˶˙ᵕ˙˶ )



I’m really looking forward to meeting you

I want to become good friends♩



If you have even a tiny interest in me

Let’s talk about all kinds of things, okay?


It’s frustrating

That I can’t say

“I want to meet youー!”

But all I can do is wait

I’ll be waiting for you

↑ Hereー!















The other day

On Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?

There was a senbatsu formation announcement 

For the 9th Single, “Jigoujitoku”


I will be doing activities

As a BACKS member





To everyone who supports me

Thank you very much



I feel everyone’s thoughts

When I need power

You deliver a lot of it



There are plenty of ways to support…

In any form,

If I’m there even just a little in everyone’s hearts

I’m happy!

Thank you always


There’s no doubt, I’m doing my best everyday

It’s thanks to everyone,

Because I want to make everyone happy

I’m working hard in everything












My feelings right now,


I honestly don’t understand them

I can’t explain them in a few words,

I don’t understand my own feelings


But, this “I don’t understand”

Isn’t just any “I don’t understand”

I think these are necessary feelings


Facing myself properly

For the period of the 9th Single

I want to grow


If you could

Keep a close eye on me

I’d be happy











Truly, thank you always


“Thank you”

Why is there only one?


I want the highest grade of thank you

And I want to deliver that to you〜











Well well

I’ll write again soon


See you















Looking at the pose behind me

I did the same pose, but since it’s embarrassing

Maybe I’ll send it to my talk later LOL

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