Spring (2021.02.25)


Thank you for opening my blog.

It’s Sakurazaka46’s Masumoto Kira


The other day,
while cleaning, I put water in the plastic gloves by accident,


and it became like a human hand






It feels like I’m shaking hands with someone.



By all means, a new way to enjoy Miguri (Meet & Greet)





You can even hold hands with with your lover ◎





🌸「Sakamichi TV」 will be broadcast on NHK General from 16:30 on February 16th.
🌸「Daisuki! Sakurazaka46」 will be broadcast on Hikarin TV from 20:00 on February 28th.
♯1) February 28th (Sunday) 20:00~
♯2) March 28th (Sunday) 20:00~
🌸on February 28th (Sunday), Sakurazaka46 will appear in Tokyo Girls Collection’s Artist Live
By all means, please check it out👁️
Good Night〜
Masumoto Kira (Kirako)

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