Summer is comingーー Let’s run awayーー (2023.04.29)



Don’t you miss winter?
I miss winter
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always hated summer
So this is a story about how I’ve been feeling a liーーーーttle down because it’s been quite warm outside recently






Long time no see
I’m Murayama Miu

This is a photo of me doing the peace pose during rehearsal
I think this was taken by Yu, maybe?








Are you enjoying the tour?

It’s been more than two weeks since the Tokyo show
So fast……



By the way, I still can’t get used to it
The feeling of the venue shaking when the overture plays, I still can’t get used to it
No matter how many times I experience it, my heart will swell and my shoulders will rise

And then, when my shoulders rise, at the same time I will enter my Sakurazaka 3rd gen member mode




Me and Airi on our off-mode after the Tokyo show 

The other day I went out with Airi again and we took a pic that’s even more off-mode, I will upload it someday









Also, I talked about your letters last time,
But I really like letters so please let me talk about it again here



Some of you used stamps with pictures of cherry blossoms and cute envelopes, and sent beautiful paper cutouts, illustrations of us, etc.
I thought on my own that you even put a lot of thoughts into things that aren’t the letters’ content… it made me smile


Thank you soooooo much!












The blog entry is on the short side this time
Maybe shorter blogs are easier to read… what do you think?
I’m waiting for your thoughts






Tomorrow is Yamashita Shizuki’s turn
Look forward to it
















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