Summer is coming (2022.05.29)

Good evening!



the temperature was considerably high,
is everyone feeling alright? 😳



Let’s make sure to keep properly hydrated~






From Thursday July 21st to Sunday 24th
“W-KEYAKI FES. 2022”


It’s been decided we will hold this event at
Fuji-Q Highland’s
Conifer Forest 🗻




It seems this year’s summer will be fun too ‪‪☺︎


Summer is coming (2022.05.29)








And then,
which is hold for 5 days


It’s been decided that Sakurazaka46 will perform
on Saturday August 13th 🌸🎸





The summer’s Rock in Japan Festival
which we were unable to participate before
due to the continuous postponement.



It will finally
be held safely this year,
so I’m really happy that we have been invited ☺️













that summer has returned~~~




I’m happy that the things I look forward have increased.



After all, summer is all about festivals.
Please come by all means 🌻








The Fan Club Limited Web Radio
“Sakumimi” is available for streaming now!



I talked together with
Uemura-san and Renaa-chan ☺︎


Please listen to it~~







Today Sunday 29th from 21:54
I will have the opportunity to make an appearance in the


TV Tokyo’s variety show “Ariyoshieeeee that’s right! Shall we play a game?” 🎮



This is my second time making an appearance in it! I’m very happy!



After making the appearance last time,
I was happy to receive reactions
from various unexpected places ( .. )



This time as well, it was extremely fun!




It makes me really happy
to hear when everyone
always say to me
“Tamu~~!” …😳




Please watch it!!






Thank you very much
for the 2 days since yesterday of
“Samidare yo” CD Limited nationwide Meet & Greet sessions! 🌧


Me during these 2 days.




It was fun ~ thank you ~




There are a few days left of
Meet & Greet sessions, so until the very end
I look forward to your support 😌








Let’s do our best tomorrow as well!




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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