Fujiyoshi Karin

Untitled (2022.01.01)

Thank you very much for 2021! I was able to experience many things, I was able to see many sceneries. I hope that in 2022 I could experience more things and meet even more feelings.   And, to you who always continue to support us, truly thank you very much for 2021 as well. From …

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Untitled (2021.12.08)

We performed Nagaredama in GYAO. I think that you will be able to see dance scenes you don’t usually get to, so by all means, please give it a watch! Before filming for AEON CARD’s official YouTube We ate delicious oden By all means, please do give it a look! After music show So focused …

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Untitled (2021.11.03)

Thank you very much for coming to Sakurazaka’s tour.   It has become a tour where I could feel the warmth of the fans.   I would very much appreciate if you could continue to watch over us from now on as well.  

Untitled (2021.08.29)

  I have turned 20   Seeing everyone celebrating it It made me truly happy   Thank you very much for loving me   (Chinese) 谢谢你爱我 ︎☺︎ Thank you for loving me ︎☺︎

Untitled (2021.08.25)

It seems that all the Miiguri slots have been sold out… Thank you very much for applying. While surprised, I also sincerely feel happy I felt the love from everyone, And I feel like I need to work even harder! With the tour and a single coming out soon, I hope I can return the …

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Untitled (2021.08.23)

The group’s artist photo has been released Wonderful location, wonderful costumes I was really happy It was really fun Actually, we were surrounded by quite a lot of nature, So I was able to fully enjoy the summer Probably everyone got sunburned that day But it’s only one arm that got sunburned. On a side …

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Untitled (2021.08.11)

While the outdoor FES has reached its closure,   Sakurazaka46 1st TOUR 2021 has been decided!   Since, this the first tour as Sakurazaka I will be very happy if you come to see it ^ ^   I’m happy to experience many firsts as Sakurazaka…   <Date & Venue>   Sept. 11-12: Fukuoka in …

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Untitled (2021.07.28)

      We have been featured in the September 2021 issue of “with” (On  sale Wednesday July 28, 2021) There’s also an interview as well   By all means, please have a look!