TGC🌼 (2021.03.11)





I joined the『32nd MyNavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 SPRING/SUMMER』!


Thank you to everyone who watched☺️



I was in Aeon Card and And Couture’s stages!






Cool Pose😎




Somehow, I feel at ease when I am with Habu chan.☺️




I was nervous because it was my first time to walk on the stage with sunglasses on.😳

Habu chan taught me how to remove my sunglasses in a cool way😎



The spring-like floral pattern skirt was very cute🌷




I was on the same stage as Hikaru chan!

Hikaru chan was cute〜☺️



I was able to give my first live performance as Sakurazaka, which made me very happy!


Thank you!




The flower earring is really cute〜

The dress also had flowers🌼



It was a flowers-filled joyous day♪



See you later☺️


Watanabe Rika



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