Thank you (2024.06.21)

Thank you very much for opening my blog.


I’m 18 years old third-year high schooler
From Hiroshima, Mukai Itoha


「 4th ARENA TOUR Shin Sakura-zensen – Go on back? – IN Tokyo Dome 」




It was an unforgettable scenery

Thank you very much for showing such a wonderful scenery.



I hope it was an unforgettable day for those who saw it,


and that even if things don’t go well in the future,
this day could be a reason
to try to move forward a little more.



Even though it’s already difficult to protect ourselves,

I feel that there are too many things in the world that make us feel hurt, sad, and lonely

I am sure there will come a time
when you will want to ask for someone’s help,
when you feel like you have too much to handle without someone else’s presence.



And I want

To be by your side
To be your ally
In those moments.


I’d like to send power in some form

And I hope that Tokyo Dome could also give someone the reason to live.




Sakurazaka will definitely make everyone happy

I hope that we can continue to see many different scenery together in the future.



There’s so many pictures that I want to post I couldn’t choose, so I will upload them slowly, okay?


Well then.


And lastly

The music video for 9th single BACKS song

Aishiainasai has been released



Please do give it a look^._.^

I will update my blog again

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