Thank you Aichi~ 👍🏻 (2023.04.26)

Hello everyone~ 😄


Thank you for opening my blog! (´▽`) 


Today is Matono Mio 😙 


Thank you for the 
Meet & Greet! 
It was a pleasure talking a lot with everyone….

I remembered everyone’s faces〜!

Are we meeting again? Let’s talk a lot again!


And to the people who are interested in talking to me, even just a bit! 

Let’s meet in the next Meet & Greet, yeah〜?? ☺️
I will carefully remember your face~.

I would be happy if you could come

I will definitely make you happy 🍀 




When things get tough, I always remember everyone. You always help me. 
Thank you so much for everything. 

I, too, will send you a smile!

(Text in photo: “Everyone! I love you-“)




Thank you for
Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023” Aichi Perfomance〜

I believe a lot of people went to Aichi for 2 weekdays despite their busy work and school schedules. 

Thank you so much for coming to see us anyway. 


I am still inexperienced when it comes to performing but, I will give my best so that everyone will receive a lot of happiness!!



Shizuki 😎

We are always sitting beside each other in the dressing room💺 

We are always together in everything we do~ 




And, I saw all the celebratory flowers! 
There’s the blue flower that I like, or something that’s shaped like shooting a target…💙🎯 
Really, thank you so much for the pretty flowers. 𑁍 
I look back at the photos and it gives me energy. 



Next is Fukuoka! My hometown 😊 
I will be burning Seki-san’s figure in my eyes.


A lot of you asked me during meet & greet about the recommendations in Fukuoka and,
Ichiran Main Branch is there~!

In fact, I love Ichiran so much that I did research on it and presented it in my comprehensive learning class 🍜 

Aaahh I am getting hungry… 



Recently, Airi made a bear shape out of balloons and brought it to me🧸!  

Thank you, Airi 🤍🤍 

Airi and I have been in the same screening group ever since the 3rd round of auditions

I remember thinking, “There’s someone who sings well and is pretty!” and also telling my mother about her, so I’ve always remembered it vividly lol 



Recently, there are a lot of members posting photos of themselves wearing glasses in their blogs, so I took one too 👓


I forgot who it was but, there’s someone from 3rd gen that said I looked like Sazae-san in this photo. Who was it again? 

Thank you ^ ^ 


Ah, there’s a ribbon in the back 🎗 



Thank you for checking this until the end! 

Tomorrow is Itoha-!!♡ 


See you again in my next blogー!  🧸‎🤍 

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