Thanksgiving (2022.11.18)

Good evening.



These are the congratulatory flowers

from the Aichi and the Fukuoka performances. 💐



Thanksgiving (2022.11.18)


I’m sorry for the delay ( .. )







The feelings from everyone

made me very happy…



Thanks so much for arranging

these expressly for me 🥲🙇











And then, in December.


Sakurazaka46 celebrates its 2nd anniversary 🎂


An anniversary event has been decided as well.


Thank you so much.




I am forever grateful to

the Buddies.


I wish we can spend the remaining time of this year

smiling a lot together with

our dear Buddies ‪‪☺︎




I hope we can see lots of smiles from the Buddies I love so much.









See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono


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