The day I ran out of mayonnaise (2022.12.31)

The day I ran out of mayonnaise

The day I bumped my pinky finger

The day I opened a pair of disposable chopsticks and the toothpick that came with them fell to the floor




Each and every day, everyone is doing their best


In the midst of those days

I think it’s my role to give excitement and enjoyment!






For the 5th single, to be able to deliver it in one row closer to the front than before

And to be able to participate in the coupling songs




Is all thanks to everyone who supported me

Thank you as always🫧


It would make me happy if these good reports, one by one, would be a present to all of you…










The center is Renaa, and together with Kira-chan…!!


I am very, very happy because we are friends who have really experienced the same feelings!


Now that we have worked hard together like this, it makes me think that no time has been wasted.




For the activities of the 5th single as well, we will continue to work with the feeling that we are giving you something to look forward to!


Please look forward to it〜*













🤍 Saturday, December 31, from 23:45

We will appear on TBS “CDTV Live! Live! New Year’s Eve Special!”✨



I tried a new hairstyle…

Please watch it〜!



🤍On Sale on Wednesday, January 4

“Nikkei Entertainment!”

I will be taking over Sugai Yuuka-san’s serialization✨


This is the baton that she has been carrying since her time in Keyakizaka 46


Much like Yuuka-san’s

“This is What I Thought on that Day”

“W Encore”


My dream is to make it into a book someday!


I would be very happy if you could check it out!






2022 was a year of a lot of laughs

Thank you very much!


Please have a relaxing end of the year




I will write again after the new year〜🐰







Thank you everyday!

Ozono Rei

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