There those times when the balance is off because you start out by writing words too big so that the words below become too small (2021.02.23)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation🌱



The pollen’s been pretty bizarre lately hasn’t it~


I bought quite a ton of anti-pollen goods recently

I hope they’re effective…


To those of you who have hay fever, let’s get through this together! lol



I’ve got a lot of announcements today!




🌱The Keyakizaka46 「THE LAST LIVE」DVD&Blu-ray will be going on sale March 24th!

The last live we held in October 2020!

It’s finally going on sale!


It’ll be my prized possession for the rest of my life~

I’m looking forward to the release date!


Please do check it out!





🌱Fujiyoshi, Yamasaki, and I will be appearing on the latest edition of “non-no”, going on sale Wednesday, February 20th!


“Dye Sakurazaka46 in spring scenery” was the plan for the make-up!


My color was pink~


We we’re given the opportunity to use new products coming out this spring!


I’m using the sakura color of CLARINS’ Comfort Lip Oil, it’s really cute🌸


The packaging it comes in is also a sakura design…

I guess I’ll buy it~


I also got the chance to the make-up that I use on a daily basis in the interview section, so please do check it out!




🌱”Sakamichi TV ~ Nogi, Sakura, and Hinata ~ Vol. 3″ will be airing on the NHK Comprehensive on Saturday, Februrary 27th at 16:30~

It’s our first ever Sakamichi TV after becoming Sakurazaka!

Please do tune in!




🌱”Daisuki! Sakurazaka46~Full Blossom of ‘Sakura’ Entertainment Plan & Live Performance Video Delivery SP~” will be airing on Hikari TV on Sunday, February 28th!


We’ll be giving quizzes that revolve around Sakurazaka to different comedians, with the plan of the program to deepen everyone’s knowledge about Sakurazaka!

【#1】Sanshirou-san, Hamaguchi Masaru-san (from Yoiko), Korokoro Chikichiki Papers-san, Tokui Kenta-san (from Heisei Nobushi Kobushi), and Toyama Daisuke-san (from Grunge)

【#2】Sanshirou-san, Hamaguchi Masaru-san (from Yoiko), Korokoro Chikichiki Papers-san, Kanada Satoshi-san (from Hanya), and Identity-san


These are the fantastic comedians that were able to gather together for this program!!

Thank you very much!


At any rate, the recording was absolutely hilarious and I was laughing the entire time~

【#1】Sunday, February 28th at 20:00~

【#2】Sunday, March 28th at 20:00~

These are the airing times, so please do tune in!




🌱I’ll be appearing on the online exhibition of “The 32nd Mynavi Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2021 SPRING/SUMMER” on Sunday, February 28th!

This time, I’ve been given the chance to walk on the Sakurazaka46 live stage and the runway!

It makes me really happy..

Thank you very much!


I’m quite nervous for both of them, but I’ll give it my all!

It’s an online exhibition, so please do tune in!




🌱Aeon Card × Sakurazaka46’s new commercial has been released!

For this occasion, we have the birth of a Sakurazaka46 original design “Aeon Card”!

Thank you very much..!


Keyakizaka’s card color was black, but Sakurazaka’s card is white colored!

It looks extremely polished, and my favorite part of the card are the fluttering sakura petals🌸



For more information, please check the link below!

I like this outfit, it’s really cute~

It would be nice if I could wear it again sometime soon ^ ^

That’s all!


It makes me really happy to be able to announce so many thing..

Thank you very much for everything as usual ^ ^


That reminds me, thank you very much to those of you who attended the 1st single release commemoration mini live a few days ago!

Everyone laughed during “Buddies” ^ ^


Whenever I was able to, I was always looking at Riko-chan~

It’s the beam pose we did during the Omotenashi Gathering!


How nostalgic~


Well then, that’s all for today…


Thank you very much for reading until the very end!



The end🌱

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