They say that love begets love… (2021.12.24)


They say that love begets love…


and I thought that it would be great if something like that exists



The words I learned about 10 years ago,
that made me smugly think, “Yeah, sure that happened~”,


these days have soaked into my heart,

and something like that exists, really!





On 9th and 10th December,
“1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE” was held in Nippon Budokan


To everyone who came to the venue
To everyone who watched the stream

To everyone who kept Sakurazaka in their thoughts


Thank you very much!





Sakurazaka46 turned 1 year old 🎂





The Buddies from all over the world,
thank you very much for running a congratulation message at New York’s Times Square!


It seemed that “Sakurazaka Viewing Party”.
was used as the name of the project…
It made me very happy *


Thank you very much






I am also supporting those who support us

I am also liking those who like us

I also want you, who wish that we could laugh a lot, to laugh a lot as well

I also want to meet you, who wants to see us

I also think of you every day, who think of us every day







To share the same feelings for our second year, okay? *



I think that
love begets love








Akane-san, Rika-san, congratulations on your graduation!


I am filled with gratitude for everything that you have done
I hope that the two of you could live happily always and forever*






Yui-san, welcome back, I love youuu ♡







And then, on this Merry Christmas Eve
on 24th December (Fri) 5 ~ 11:10PM JST

Sakurazaka46 will be appearing in




By all means, please do give it a watch 🎄




Ozono Rei



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