To everyone I am thankful of (2021.11.20)

Good morning ☀︎



Thank you very much
for your continuous support.
I am writing this blog today to convey my thanks
and inform you of happy news.



First of all,

It has been announced that Sakurazaka46 will be participating in the 72th Kouhaku Uta Gassen 🔴⚪️


A year that we have run through as Sakurazaka.


To be honest, I was worried
but I am truly thankful to be able to work at such a wonderful place
until the end of the year.



The year 2021
Putting in our feeling of gratefulness to everyone who has supported us so much,
we’d like to prepare
to be able to deliver a performance
that will leave an impression on everyone who is watching from their living room!
Please look forward to it☺︎


For us 1st generation members,
this will be our 6th time participating in this event, including from our time in Keyakizaka.


To be able to participate every year
is not something to be taken for granted.


We’d like to give back to everyone
who put a lot of faith in us.



Let’s have fun until the end of 2021!


We look forward to your support ✨








And there is one more thing,
that I’d like to thank everyone for.



Sakurazaka46 has won the “BEST JAPAN ACT” award
from 2021 MTV EMA,
one of the biggest music award show in Europe 🏆

It is already such an honor
to be nominated among the distinguished group of artists.


I can’t believe that we won this award…


It is thanks to all of you who have voted!!!
Truly, truly, thank you very much 🥺


I think that we have won this award together with the Buddies.


It gave us a lot of confidence as well.


We’d like to continue to pursue our own identity
so that we can deliver the love and power of Sakurazaka46 even more throughout Japan and all over the world.



Let’s see a lot of different sceneries together!



I hope that you can look forward
to the future of Sakurazaka46 🌸




I will write another blog again.



I hope that you can smile all day long again today ☺︎



Sugai Yuuka



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