Today is Itoha’s birthday~ 🎂🤍 (2023.05.09)

Long time no see everyone☺︎


Thank you for your hard work at your job, school, part-time job, and others ☺︎



I’m Murai Yu,

18 years old from Tokyo.



Everyone, how did you spend your golden week?


Did you eat delicious food?


I’m curious to know…!


Recently, I thought to myself,
“I wonder what kind of food could represent Tokyo~?”



I’m sure that work and school have started again for many of you from this week,

please take it slow and easy ☺︎ !


I hope I can chat with you again in meet & greet soon~


Thank you very much for your letters ☺︎

Your kind and warm supportive words greatly cheer me up

I’m happy to be able to learn more about you through the letters!






Today is…




                 ðŸ¤ðŸŽ‚ Itoha’s 17th birthday 🎂🤍




Happy birthday~~!!


I am always cheered up by Itoha’s bright smile~!!! 🫶🏻


May this be a wonderful year filled with 17-year-old Itoha’s smile~ ( ¨̮ )♡



⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱



Please allow me to talk about the tour from here on!


Thank you very much for the Fukuoka tour performances!


I was so cheerful as it was my first time visiting Fukuoka~ ( ¨̮ )/


I was able to eat so much delicious food in Fukuoka, I was in pure bliss~ ◜~◝⸝⸝



I was able to eat my favorite mentaiko from Hakata Mentai-ju~ ♡

It was so delicious I was touched by it ( Ꙭ)!

I was so happy about it, I took a picture together with Mentai-ju ☺︎

It was like a sparkling treasure chest ✨


I also bought mentaiko as souvenirs for my family~ ♪




◯ Fukuoka Day 1 ◯


The truth is, my left ear’s in-ear monitor came off during the performance of a certain song,

it sent me into a panic, but I couldn’t fix it, so I let it be until the end.


But because of that, I was able to hear the cheering of the Buddies directly, and I could feel your passion directly…!


Hearing everyone’s voice makes me so happy and powered me up, so I put even more energy into the performance.


Truly, thank you very much for doing the cheers!☺︎


Your power is truly amazing ✊🏻




◯ Fukuoka Day 2 ◯


Yumi-san’s graduation ceremony was held on Fukuoka’s second day of performance.


Yumi-san looked truly so beautiful in her dress that I was enchanted by it.


I truly love Yumi-san’s warm and kind personality.


The things that we talked about will forever remain in my heart.


I will always hope that

Yumi-san will have a wonderful life from now on ☺︎



I love Yumi-san!!!!!! ♡




⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱





Rabbit Cat (Usagi Neko)


It’s Yu x Shizuki!


“The fluffy small animals, Rabbit Cat”

is the pair name Shiichan and I thought about for our pair name during Omotenashikai 🐰🐱


I love it ♪


Shiichan and I were revealed at a later date than everyone else and there were a lot of things that we couldn’t participate in, which worried the both of us, but because we were together we were able to support one another and overcome it.


During the training camp, BAN, Natsu no Chikamichi, we always practiced dancing in front of the mirror together.


I’m good at rock and hip-hop dance genres, but Shiichan is good at wack and girl’s dance. Since we are good at different genres, we could teach each other about dancing and it was often stimulating.


Thank you, Shiichan ☺︎


⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱



Today I’d like to answer some questions I received from letters!


Q. A place that you’d like to go to or love in Kyoto?

A. Fushimi Inari shrine’s thousand torii gates

I went to Kyoto for my middle school’s school trip, and the red toriis looked so beautiful it remains vivid within my mind
I hope you could tell me your recommended places in Kyoto~!


Q. What kind of hair arrangement do you usually do?

A. Curling my hair loosely!

But I think lately I’ve been mostly keeping it straight…


Q. Your recommended cafe in Tokyo?

A. Café Les Jeux Au Grenier

I just recently went to this cafe, but the atmosphere is very nice, I recommend it!



I’d like to answer your questions little by little from the next blog hereafter 😌



⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱



◯ Announcement ◯

BUBKA-san’s June edition that featured 3rd generation members on the cover is on sale right now!


We were able to have fun shooting for it while being in beautiful sceneries like the cherry blossom trees or the beach ☺︎


There are interviews and plenty more content!


By all means, please get your hands on it ( ¨̮ )!






Sakurazaka Channel has been opened on YouTube 🌸


I love to eat, so I’d love to do things like eating delicious food~!


By all means, please subscribe to the channel and hit the like button~! 🫶🏻





It has become a long one, but thank you very much for reading this far!


It’s a sudden announcement,

but in Miu’s blog tomorrow our pair name will be revealed!

Please try to guess it~ lol

(The hint is in colors)


Well then, see ya ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ/

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