Touched by many kindness (2023.12.04)



Habu Mizuho-san’s graduation ceremony was held.




From the moment I learned of her graduation to 25th November, time truly flies by


It has been a ~3 months of me telling myself over and over again to pretend not to be sad about it, to pretend that I’m fine, to not to cry.



But somewhere in my heart, I knew that I couldn’t be like that, and would cry many times by myself when I got home.



I tried to mark dates when I didn’t cry, but I wasn’t really able to do that, and yet her graduation day gradually approaches


Even though it’s already November, I kept looking back to August in my calendar








I thought that I’d have complicated feelings on the 25th when it comes


But 25th


has become a truly, truly wonderful memory for me



Congratulations on your graduation.









On the days when things happened and I felt sad, on the days when I felt alone, on the days when I wanted to cry in front of someone, on the days when I couldn’t smile, Habu-san was always by my side no matter what kind of day it was








The first picture we took together


I was so shy it ended up being so blurry

But that too, is our memory together




That time, my heart was pounding so fast I thought it was going to explode. I think I said a lot of weird things.






This was the day when she invited me to take picture together


Actually, I wanted to take a picture with her too, but I wasn’t able to bring myself to ask and I was just standing there



I even took a picture with Habu-san’s back figure. Lol


But she invited me after that, and Itoha showed her biggest smile (^^)








I think this might be the day Itoha invited her for the first time~?

The day of Fukuoka tour performance. On this day, our eyes met through the mirror than ever before… lol


After the performance, I felt lonely for no reason and impulsively sat beside Habu-san









The day I asked her to take a picture from the day before already.


In the end, I couldn’t bring myself to be the one to ask her, and went home feeling frustrated… lol


Btw, this picture has a date-style theme (^^)









Meet & greet day

On this day I worked hard with an “Aight, I’ll be the one to ask her~”. But I can’t even bring myself to go to her room… lol



So I ended up doing something like an ambush.


I also asked staff for their help.










A bit of a small story. ♩


At first, she called me with “Itoha-chan”, but then she started calling me with “Ito-chan”…!

It made me somewhat happy and thrilled~


What made me really happy was how she would call me “Itoha” from time to time




Every time, I thought of how nice it is to have her call me by my name…!











She took me to many different places and listened to me lots




Since I don’t know when




I started to think,


how when things get difficult, I want to go beside her and have her listen to what I have to say,


how just having her by my side, everything feels like it will turn out okay.







Her presence is definitely big in my life.




Congratulations on your graduation.

I will truly, truly love you forever



I hope that Habu-san can have a wonderful future surrounded by lots of happiness.






I was so shy at the end that I ended up looking down

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