Tour✈ (2021.09.18)


Hello everyone!



Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here 🌸




Sakurazaka46 1st Tour has been started!




Thank you so much to everyone who watched Fukuoka’s live ☺️


There were a lot of people who came to watch Sakurazaka46 live for the first time and somehow it impressed me!




And I was happy to be able to eat so many delicious foods before and after the live 🍜




I’d love to come again to Fukuoka someday, either it’s for a live or in my private time ☺️



Thank you!





I’ll do my best on tomorrow Nagoya’s live!


Looking forward to it ☕️



Please check the Tour’s goods too!
I’d recommend the City’s name t-shirt 🐶



Make sure you guys check it ❣️





Some photos I didn’t post!













Yeay 👂🏻




Thank you for reading until the end





Kousaka Marino



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