Treasure (2024.05.20)

Good evening everyone 🌸


It’s Matono Mio


The formation for the 9th single title song was announced on “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”


This time, like the 8th single
I have been selected as one of the senbatsu members.


It is thanks to all your warm support. Thank you so, so much.

I am thankful for this environment that I certainly can’t take for granted

And I am really, really delighted and looking forward to being able to do my very best again

as a member of Sakurazaka46 for the 9th single.


And for the first time, I will be taking on a position in the 2nd row for the title song

It is once again thanks to all of you Buddies who have always been there for me, 

and thanks to the continued support from all the staff involved, 

that I have been able to take this big step forward.

I am sure there are many, many opinions and thoughts about it by different Buddies

So I will do my absolute best to do what I can do now
And it would make me happy if you could warmly watch over me

Having been chosen as a member of the title song for the first time in the previous 8th single,

I was able to learn and experience many things


I still often look back on the diary I wrote during this 8th single period.


The first time my name was called in senbatsu

The first time I was able to take part in the title song music video

The first time I performed at a music show

The excitement and thrill of all those moments, the contrasting feelings of joy and unease,

will forever be etched in my heart, unforgotten

And this time too, as a senbatsu member, I will take on greater responsibility to perform

and work harder than ever before

And I will do my very best to give you

as many reasons as I can to support me.

For my shortcomings

I want to learn and take in all I can

from my seniors I love and my fellow 3rd gens,
and improve myself even more

I will do my utmost to show you a performance that will keep you on your toes, more than ever before

I will be counting on your continued support from here on too

And I will give it my all for the 9th single.

Thank you very much.

Your support is truly my greatest treasure.



The 9th Single Online Meet & Greet’s
2nd application period will be:

May 22 (Wed) 14:00 ~ May 23 (Thu) 14:00

It’s the day after tomorrow!


Give it a try putting one foot forward into Matono-land

And perhaps… you’ll fall right in…


Let’s talk, it’s a promise!




I said… I can’t- wait- to meet you—



See you!

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