Trick (2022.04.03)

Good afternoon



We have the privilege to be in the cover of the issue of the “B.L.T”


magazine that is currently on sale ☁


Trick (2022.04.03)



The 4 of us had a fun and relaxing
photo shooting~


The cover also became more impactful
that it has ever been before,
and the atmosphere of the photos inside was wonderful as well.




It’s been a long time since I’ve been featured in “B.L.T” magazine,
so I am happy ☺️



Please check it out by all means ✌︎








I will post some off-shots from
the recording of “Shakankyori” MV ☺︎🚗

What are these people
looking at? ( . . )

While trying to persuade myself by saying
“it’s not cold, it’s not cold”,
my consciousness flew away somewhere far
it was a deadly knockout, I fell asleep while standing


This is a Tamura usual happening in MVs. 🧐








Tonight, on Sunday April 3rd from 9:55 PM,
we will have the opportunity to make an appearance
in the 60 minutes expanded special of the


TV Asahi’s variety show “Cream Nantara”.


Sakurazaka46 will have the opportunity
to play the role of the trickster in the “Binkan (astuteness) championship”!
I’m happy!!


While being nervous,
I also had fun 🥸
It was interesting~


Please watch it by all means ( .ˬ.)”




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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