Untitled (2021.11.03)



「Sakurazaka46 1st TOUR 2021」

have safely ended!!



It was a period of time where I faced myself a lot

so that my beloved live performances don’t just end

being something that I just love 😊



I tried not to think about how the members beside me

won’t be here forever

I want to make countless precious memories

until the very last moment



thank you very much for still showing us the greatest scenery, even when the group have changed 🌟


When performing, your presence was so tremendously dear 🥰


Let’s continue to be happy, the both of us ✊🏻


Although I’ve stood on stage for many years already, I still feel nervous all the same…

Perhaps I like that feeling of nervousness


And then, behind me, a pair of my too adorable juniors 🤭❤️


I will be updating my blog again~ ✉️

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