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I forgot something in Paris


In the closet of my hotel room





I forgot my dress


It was my favorite


I only realized it on the plane ride home


I didn’t want to believe it so I slept for the time being


I woke up and watched the Indian movie, “RRR”


It was my first time watching an Indian movie


It was very, very interesting






I remembered that I forgot my dress


It was my favorite









I guess it’s fine to be able to start writing my blog like this

No, it’s not fine

I regret it when I remember what happened,,













We performed at “Japan Expo Paris 2023”

It was the first overseas performance for the group, and our first taste of this kind of experience
Somehow, there was unknown tension in everything




Accepting us very warmly and
livening us up

I will never forget the sight of you all making so many hand hearts for us,,!!!




Looking at everyone’s sparkling faces from the stage, and having us be reflected in those eyes is a miracle

It made me feel like “this is what having a full heart is”



We were able to go around the EXPO venue and we were very moved by the sight of people from overseas who love Japanese culture
Of course, there were also people from Japan, and I was happy to be able to communicate with them at such a close distance


Thank you! I want to meet you!



There is also a video up on YouTube of the members enjoying Paris!









Renaa took this for me!






We both laughed when the Arc de Triomphe got overexposed
























The 6th single’s meet and greet started,,
Through the screen, everyone became people of the summer!



Getting a makeover, having plans to go to a festival, getting a tan,, it’s heartwarming*


The hot days will continue, but I hope it becomes a fun summer for you🌻




When I appeared on “Asa Meshi Made” before, I received a T-shirt as a present,
so I tried it on

Natto with rice


A Tiktok I took together with Ino has also been released~






We recently performed at the “OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023” ✨

Thank you very much to everyone who came to see us!

We had a great time at our first summer festival of the year!
I could hear everyone’s voices so well! I was so happyー!




There are more festivals waiting from now on, so
let’s have fun together






🍑Currently, the Sakurazaka46 Exhibition “Shinsekai” is being held at the Roppongi Museum

The goods are super cute!!

I haven’t been able to go see it yet, but
I think I’ll get a lot of Cool key rings when I get there
I also want a shirt

The exhibition will be held until Sunday, October 29
Please take a full look at Sakurazaka46’s history from the time of Keyakizaka46!





🍑I appear in the currently released commercial for “LINEMO”
It was a mysterious, surreal, and cute,, worldview that I really, really liked!

Did you notice that the set was related to “Cool”?
It’s sprinkled with references, so please look for them!

There is a breadstick version and a dodgeball version
I hope they give you a giggle!





🍑The “Mysterious Ambition” column is currently being serialized in Nikkei Entertainment, which is on sale now
This month, I talked a lot about Japan Expo!
Please check it out!





🍑Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 2
“2nd TOUR 2022 “as you know?” TOUR FINAL at Tokyo Dome”
DVD & Blu-ray will be released!





Yesterday, I was watching the special livestream by Toyama-san and Kanada-san.
It brought back memories of that day,,
The video was different from the monitors during the concert and could only be seen here,
It contains a lot of behind-the-scenes footage until seeing Yuuka-san off

I hope many people will watch it





🍑Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 2 from 8:00AM
I will appear on “Love it!” with Kira-chan

There will be a VTR of us enjoying Cairns, Australia, so
Please watch! Please laugh a lot in the morning~

I’ll post more pictures from Australia soon 🐨




Ozono Rei

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