Venue101🪶Meet & Greet 1/6 (2022.04.11)







Last night, “Boku no Dilemma” was broadcasted for the first time on NHK’s “Venue101!”


I truly appreciate this momentous first broadcast and the opportunity to perform with all the members. Thank you.



And thank you to all the Buddies that watched it in real time☺️🤍








We made a heart too but my face was twitching, so I’ll send it on mobame🥹 It’s cute~








Welcome back Niki!!💙








Takoyaki party🐙







I wonder how many more times I’ll be able to take this picture~ㅠㅠLately every day has been fun but sad at the same time








I was left waiting sooooo long for my turn to take a picture with Risa 🤳 lolol






It was great hearing all your thoughts on the performance today during meet & greet!



There are parts of the performance that were changed between this version and the full version, so I hope you notice them🫶🏻








Once again, today was the first day for the 4th single’s meet & greet🥰


Thank you to everyone who came to see me.


And thank you to everyone who I was meeting for the first time…🙏🏻





See you again next week💛









Saito Fuyuka


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