VOCE (2023.09.19)

Good evening




Starting from “VOCE” magazine’s November issue,

which will be out on sale on Thursday September 21,


I’ve been sappointed as

regular model for the magazine!




VOCE (2023.09.19)



I’ve been reading VOCE so much that

it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s been my reference for

all my beauty related information until now.




Their website is updated almost every day,

there’s a lot of information on their YouTube channel too,

I’m always checking everywhere😚☑️


The fact that I’ll be the regular model for VOCE

which I love and admire so much..


I’m really looking forward to

being able to deepen my knowledge about beauty

and to share it with the readers from now on.





I will be featured

starting from the VOCE issue that will be out on sale the day after tomorrow,

I’ve already pre-ordered this month’s issue🔎📚


Please continue to give me

your support from now on!








On Tuesday October 2nd, from 25:30

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “  Sakurazaka no ‘Sa’ ”


This will be a new regular radio program

that will start for us 📻



The first MC

will be Rei-chan☺︎


Congratulations ♡



I hope I can appear in it someday too~



Please look forward to

Sakurazaka no ‘sa’ (^.^)🌸





In the Sakurazaka46’s exhibition “Shinsekai”

being held at Roppongi Museum,


There have been some exhibits that have been renewed!


And the event period is only until October 29th,

so the remaining time is getting shorter and shorter…


For those who haven’t visited yet,

and for those who did already,


I really hope you can come and

experience it again.






The other day when we were at the Shinsekai exhibition,

we did a live broadcast

on the Sakurazaka Channel! 👨🏻‍🎨



Did you all watch it?


It was so much fun




To all the viewers,

I tried moving a bit around

to show you the atmosphere inside the venue,

but maybe because of that

the image quality of the first half was a bit bad…


I’m sorry~ 😞🙇



The broadcast is also available in archive,

so if you’d like, please do give it a look.










On Wednesday October 18th,

our 7th single “Shoninyokkyu”


will be released!



The application for Meet & Greet has also started,

and the artist photos have been updated as well.


What do you think!?




And then,

on Monday October 9th, from, 18:30

during TBS’s “CDTV Live! Live! 3 hour and a half SP”


we will have the opportunity to perform

“Shoninyokkyu” for the first time.


It will be a live broadcast, I’m so nervous… 😳


Please don’t miss it!!!











For this 7th single,

it’s been decided that

I will be working as a senbatsu member.



This is all thanks to everyone who always supports me.

Thank you so much.



I will do my best.








So far until now,

as Sakurazaka46, I’ve said that I want us to

gently get closer to each other,



But not just being there by each other side,

I want us to really pull closer together,


So, I try as much as possible

to find positive emotions,

to face things together,

and sometimes being okay with just letting things go,


I’ve come to think that I would like to

become a reassuring presence for the others,

with whom they can feel we can achieve such things together.  





It would make me happy if there were

more moments where Sakurazaka46

can make the Buddies smile,

make them happy and surprise them,


This is the kind of moment we want to create.



Please look forward to it!


All of us will do our best for this new single 🌸





Thank you very much for your support.




I will write again.




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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