W-KEYAKIFES (2021.07.16)


Good evening everyone

It’s a bit late, but the W Keyaki Fes 2021
that was held the other day has safely ended

Truly thank you very much
to everyone who visited the venue,
and to everyone who watched online ✨


I’ve been waiting, welcome back Oze-chan


The temperature was very high
and it was raining on and off
It made me worried on your condition
Did you get sick? Are you okay?


There are so many attractive and cute girls
so I got a lot of pictures



Morita-sama who turned 20 on 10th July



Takamoto-chan who toasted juice with me



Karin-chan who actually might have a mutual love feeling



The lady I’m interested in, Morimoto Mari-chan



Habu’s woman, Watanabe Risa



Kage-chan who I can’t keep my eyes off her



This FES has gone by so fast
By the time I realize I have a good time, it’s already too late
I had my birthday on 7th
but being able to do a live like this
has become the greatest present 🎂🖤
Truly thank you very much for your continued support


From now on I hope to
continue to have countless of fun and happy times
with the wonderful members and fans,
while getting a lot of inspirations
from my surrounding


The tour has been announced too
Sakurazaka46’s first tour!!!!!!!!
Now, each of us is becoming stronger.
Everyone, be sure not to miss it



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