Wakayama (2023.02.12)





Thank you so much for

TGC Wakayama 🐼‪🎋


Wakayama (2023.02.12)




I had the opportunity to walk

in the KBF stage 🦖‪‪❤︎



I was together with Habu-san,

but as the first person to go on stage,

she was so cool as she walked in a very gallant way…





Yesterday I spent the entire day

together with Habu-san,

so I really laughed a lot 😂


I was nervous,

but she made me enjoy

and she made me smile, so I was happy ☺︎














this is Kon-chan whom I was together with in the Azato drama series. 🍊♡


We were in the same stage

after not seeing each other in a long time~. I was happy~.




So cute, so cute

I felt healed by meeting Kon-chan ( ◜◡◝ )














I met Kumi-san too,


Toshi-san and Kumi-san

always said “Honoo~Honoo~”

whenever they talked to me,

it made me so happy (´Д` )


They were so kind and funny,

I love you so much with all the sense of humor you two have🙇♡










It was a cool stage,

but when I was offstage, I made a peace sign with a smile…




To everyone who came to the venue,

and to those who watched the broadcast,

thank you so much!












I’ll write again

about Music Station~!






Let’s do our best today too~☺️


See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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